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Scenic Rides

Hill Country scenic rides

One thing you don't want to miss when you come to the "Cowboy Capital of the World" is everything Bandera, Texas has to offer. During your rally free-time, on the scheduled from 10-4pm Friday and Saturday we have gathered lots of things to do with a great amount of help from the Bandera County Visitors Center. If you would like to check out additional information at the Visitor Center, their hours are 9am-5pm M-F and 10am-3pm Sat. and Closed on Sunday.

NOTE: If you are interested in riding with other rally attendees, we will have a sign-up sheet at the "Stage" and will announce for people to sign-up. There will be a meet-up spot designated for your departure. It will not be a led or organized ride but a ride you can join others, or you can do a self-guided ride. There will be a group ride Friday and Saturday, meeting at 10:15am, kickstands up at 10:30am.

Take a scenic ride by bike, RV, or car

Upper Guadalupe Loop Map - 162 miles total. Here you will get to ride the very scenic part of the Twisted Sisters. Ride time is 3 hours. Allow about 4-4.5 hours with stops (longer if you plan to stay at Gravity Check). Approximate arrival time back to the park is 4:30pm.

Group Ride:

  • Meeting at 10:15am, kickstands up at 10:30am.
  • Arrive approximately at 11:30 in Leaky, Texas. There are two gas stations there. We suggest everyone split up, go to various gas stations and gas up.
  • In Leakey, meet back up at the Bent Rim for lunch. They serve up basic food like hamburgers and fries with some good "motorcycle" named variations. They have drinks and restrooms onsite with a little shop where you can purchase a patch for riding the Twisted Sisters - the only place you can get souvenirs. You should also confirm where everyone wants to stop on your next leg of the trip.
  • Approximately 1:30pm back on the road. You are about 1 hour and 45 minutes from home. Some of you may need to stop for gas part way. Kerrville is a good place at about 1 hour of ride time.
  • If you are not ready to ride straight home, on your route about 15 minutes after stopping to get gas, you can swing by the Gravity Check Saloon and Arena. From there you are about 20 minutes from the RV Park.

Lost Maples, Stonehenge & Easter Island Map - 129 miles total. This ride you can see some interesting sites like stopping at the Stonehenge recreation in Ingram, TX. Ride time is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Allow about 3.5 hours with stops. Longer if you plan to stop in Bandera for Mexican lunch. Approximate arrival time back to the park is 2:00pm (before lunch stop).

Group Ride:

  • Meeting at 10:15am, kickstands up at 10:30am.
  • Stop for gas in Ingram - you may split up and go to various gas stations for faster service.
  • Group up again at Stonehenge in Ingram. Enjoy about 1/2 hour getting some photos.
  • Depart around 1pm. Your next distance is 45 minutes to Bandera. When you go through Bandera on the way to the RV Park, we recommend stopping and having some great Mexican food and service at Don Chepe's. Parking is tricky here so you may need to spread out along the front and side of the restaurant for parking.
  • After you stop in Bandera, it is only 5 minutes to the RV Park.

Here is a link to the Bandera County Visitors Center brochure map which includes these rides and others. Enjoy!