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About Us: Will and Lucinda Belden on Harley Heritage, St. Kitts island

Like most adventurers at heart, we can't help exploring. We are lucky that both of us enjoy traveling - especially riding our motorcycle and sidecar in new places. We are also very fortunate we can do this while working full-time on the road without having to wait for retirement. Will is a programmer (always has been, always will be) and Lucinda is a cruise agent (previous career as a web development director and web company owner).

It seems our whole lives have built themselves up to this moment in our lives - one where we can combine our love of working together, motorcycles, careers around the U.S, online skills, organization, living in small places and travel planning, all into one giant, unbelievable experience!

We can't thank all our friends and family enough for verbally supporting us in our decision to dump all the sticks and bricks and everything that comes with it and jumping into an RV full-time. But thanks for going the extra mile doing research for us, sharing our excitement and making recommendations for our new life based on their own areas of expertise.

We plan to continue to share the excitement and adventures with our friends and family - and future friends we meet along the way.

Will & Lucinda Belden